About Alma

Tucked beneath Sucre, Alma’s unassuming exterior and vintage decor lead to a luxurious yet vibrant bar lounge. Alma is a sanctuary for those who seek elegance and style while appreciating the beauty of human expression and creativity.

Indulge in crafted cocktails while enjoying dynamic performances by resident DJs and marveling at our unique digital AI artwork.

With Alma, you can always expect an unforgettable experience filled with ARTISTRY, CREATIVITY, and LUXURIOUS SOPHISTICATION.

It’s not just a bar – it’s a celebration of the soul.


In Alma, culinary creativity intertwines with artistic inspiration to offer a menu that delights the senses. Our menus are crafted to complement the vibrant atmosphere, featuring a fusion of Mediterranean flavours that reflect our diverse cultural influences. From innovative small plates bursting with seasonal ingredients to indulgent main courses that tantalise the taste buds, each dish is thoughtfully curated to elevate your evening.

What’s On

At Alma Music & Art Lounge, there’s plenty to enjoy, from live music to electrifying DJ nights. With a diverse lineup of talented artists, each visit promises an unforgettable experience filled with rhythm, creativity, and unforgettable moments.